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Shaping the future of Youth Entrepreneurship

8-10 October 2024
Nairobi, Kenya


This is your opportunity to be part of the collective commitment to addressing the urgent topics of our time, and have a transformative impact through youth entrepreneurship. The Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (GYES) 2024 promises to be a week of connection, inspiration and celebration.

Responsible Entrepreneurship

Exploring responsible business to ensure young entrepreneurs are supported to provide decent work and drive green and social businesses. Focusing on promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Innovative Business

Young entrepreneurs are required to innovate to achieve economic prosperity, regional growth and social and sustainable impact and transformation. A.I., technology, and digitisation are major trends that will shape and disrupt the entrepreneurship landscape through the opportunities and challenges that they will bring.

Diverse Support

To truly shape the future of youth entrepreneurship it’s crucial to provide diverse support to meet the needs of a wide variety of young people. From high-growth enterprises to solopreneurs, from Indigenous entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs with disabilities, ensuring that every young person has access to the support they need will enable them to start and run a successful business.

The Venue

The Kenya School of Monetary Studies
Mathare N Rd,
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This year’s event will be hosted in ‘City Under the Sun’ and hub of entrepreneurial innovation, Nairobi, Kenya.  The three-day Summit will take place at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, a leafy and ecologically friendly oasis minutes away from the bustle of the city centre or the magic of the Nairobi National Park.

Learn more about the venue and other local information here.

Tuesday, 8th October

A moment of recognition and appreciation for the host country Kenya.

“Generation for Change: Shaping the Future for Youth Entrepreneurship”. What is the urgent change we need? How can this impactful network lead the way to make this change happen?

In this session we explore the theme of the GYES 2024 – Generation for Change – and build the case for why investment and support for young entrepreneurs is crucial to address the many challenges of our times.

Exploring what works across the network to drive responsible entrepreneurship, innovative business and diverse support.

We will hear from Kenyan entrepreneurs and Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award finalists. Stories of success, impact, challenges and learnings.

Participants will exchange skills they can share and those they want to learn, forge connections and plans to drive action and achieve impact.

More details about the award ceremony coming soon.

Wednesday, 9th October

We will collectively kick off the day with a cultural activity.

In this session we will shed light on how youth entrepreneurship can be a force for good and help the world to address the many pressing issues of our times.

Six concurrent sessions on key topics and trends: social entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship, sustainability and climate change, diversity and inclusion, artificial intelligence and innovation.

A look at what role funding plays in addressing current pressing issues. Exploring what different funders and ESOs are doing to promote daring and innovative ways of funding with foresight and trust.

A marketplace with local young entrepreneurs and Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award finalists will be open throughout the day (and especially during lunch).

Experience the power, knowledge and skills of the network in full bloom. For this session, the venue becomes a festival ground of learning where members, partners and other ecosystem players offer their knowledge and experience to others (including skills, tools, best practices, etc.).

We will converge and make visible all the learnings from Day 2.

Thursday, 10th October

We will collectively kick off the day with a cultural activity.

This session aims to delve into the pivotal role of advocacy in fostering youth entrepreneurship. Participants will gain clarity on the actionable steps needed to translate the knowledge and insights accumulated throughout the Summit into tangible practice.

A moment to reflect on our achievements and celebrate the GYES 2024.

Ufahamu is the Swahili word for understanding, consciousness or insight. You have a chance to spend the afternoon with local members and entrepreneurs, building an understanding of the role that entrepreneurship plays in the Kenyan context, and learning about the incredible work our host members – Somo Africa and CAP YEI – are doing.

Meet our speakers, panelists and storytellers

Local Partners

The YBI Network has always been about global partnerships rooted in local expertise. GYES 2024 is being co-hosted and produced in partnership with our Kenyan members. We would like to extend a huge thank you for their guidance, help and support. Please learn more about the excellent work they do below.


Somo is the root of a Swahili word meaning “lesson”. The name is inspired by Somo’s mission to create a community around lessons learnt from each other. Somo’s goal is to challenge the status quo by providing pathways for people to create change within their communities. Somo identifies, trains, funds, and mentors entrepreneurs looking to drive social change by building enterprises in their own low-income urban communities.

Find out more

CAP Youth Empowerment Institute (CAP YEI)

CAP YEI is a not-for-profit that provides skills training and support to vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised youth to help them access employment and self-employment opportunities and support their pathway to a safe and positive future. CAP YEI also partners with county-level vocational training centres and technical training institutions to help them adopt the principles of the CAP YEI approach.

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Our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability

YBI is committed to helping our Network support young entrepreneurs to reduce their environmental impact, run fair and inclusive businesses and be a force for good contributing to sustainable future economies. The GYES is the ideal forum to explore these issues with our members and partners.  As part of this, YBI has strict standards and processes in place to ensure inclusivity and accessibility, and minimising environmental impacts is integral to our event planning. We are committed to ensuring that the GYES is an inclusive and accessible event and that it is delivered with the minimum environmental impact possible.

Partners and friends

Thank you to our partner for their support.

Special thanks to our partners and friends for their ongoing support.

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