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Veronika Czarnocka

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award
INTU Circularity
Youth Business Poland
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Veronika’s mission is to “repair” the fashion industry. INTU fights waste by transforming unsold clothing through cleaning, repairing, and upcycling into trendy and fashionable pieces. INTU offers B2B clothing life extension services, providing brands with a comprehensive suite of solutions that make “renewed” a central pillar of sustainable & circular fashion.

“After immersing myself in the clothing industry for many years, I found myself in what felt like a toxic relationship with the entire sector. I cherished its creative aspects but struggled to reconcile the environmental and social consequences it imposed.

“I returned to fashion with a conviction that change was not about combatting the industry’s giants but transforming them collaboratively. INTU became my life’s mission. I aim to demonstrate that drawing inspiration from nature, where everything circulates, allows us to discover nearly endless purposes for items we no longer need. At INTU, we provide fashion & textile companies with solutions for repairing, cleaning and upcycling clothes and unsold inventory.

“Looking ahead, we aspire to forge partnerships with major fashion houses and clothing companies, making circularity and upcycling mainstream. We also plan to introduce options for reselling clothes. This journey is not just about transforming an industry; it’s about inspiring a movement toward sustainable and circular fashion.”

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