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Sandra Junele

Climate Entrepreneurship Award
Junele ltd
United Kingdom
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Junele creates wall art panels by repurposing textile waste and runs educational workshops and outreach programmes to raise awareness about waste products and create a circular economy.

“My journey as an entrepreneur embodies a deep commitment to addressing environmental challenges while fostering positive change within my community. Witnessing the sheer volume of items destined for landfill sparked a profound realization within me: the importance of valuing and repurposing resources.

My business makes a tangible contribution to alleviating climate change by promoting circular economy principles and offering eco-friendly alternatives. For example, I repurpose textile waste into sustainable wall panels using a homemade plant-based glue that facilitates easy recycling or reusability. This approach reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact. By integrating sustainable practices into our business model, we not only reduce our ecological footprint but also inspire others to embrace similar approaches.

Looking ahead, my priorities for the next year include further expanding our sustainable product offerings, strengthening our community engagement initiatives, and exploring innovative ways to scale my impact while staying true to my commitment to environmental sustainability. With determination and dedication, I am eager to continue making a positive difference in the fight against climate change.”

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