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Ronald Mugaiga

Social Entrepreneurship Award
Ecomak Recyclers
Enterprise Uganda
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Ecomak Recyclers is a social enterprise that transforms plastic waste into low-carbon construction bricks, blocks and roofing tiles that are cheaper and faster to build with than cement, offering a sustainable and speedy solution to housing shortages as Africa’s population grows.

“Witnessing the escalating plastic pollution crisis, I founded a social enterprise with the vision to combat this global challenge through innovative recycling solutions.

“The direct beneficiaries of our plastic recycling enterprise include marginalized communities and environmentally conscious consumers. By providing employment opportunities in recycling centres, we empower individuals and foster economic growth. Concrete evidence of our impact is reflected in the significant reduction of plastic waste in local landfills. Our recycling efforts have not only preserved the environment but also enhanced the quality of life for those in proximity to our operations.

“Looking ahead, our priority for the next year is to scale our operations and expand our community outreach programs. We aim to establish additional recycling centres, creating more jobs and furthering our environmental impact. Through continued innovation and community engagement, we aspire to be at the forefront of sustainable change, fostering a circular economy that benefits both people and the planet.”

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