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Rafi Mohammad

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award
Fixi Solutions AB
NyforetagarCentrum Sverige
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Fixi is an innovative platform designed to enhance workshop efficiency and streamline operations for stores. Sustainability is woven throughout their operations, from digitizing services to encouraging repairs and a circular economy in the cycling industry.

“Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey with Fixi, this venture was born from recognizing a broader societal need for efficient urban mobility solutions that prioritize environmental sustainability.

“The development of Fixi has profoundly impacted my life and the community, teaching me the significance of resilience and the effectiveness of a community-driven approach. It has highlighted the role businesses can play in promoting sustainable practices, contributing to environmental conservation, and encouraging a culture of repair over replacement. Our business model integrates sustainability across all operations. This dedication to sustainability is woven into our governance, where ethical practices are paramount.

“Fixi represents a model of sustainable entrepreneurship, demonstrating how businesses can flourish while positively impacting the planet and society. It is this commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement that I believe positions me as a fitting candidate for Youth Business International’s Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year.”

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