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Dareem Jeffrey

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award
Kairos General Services and Consultancy Ltd (EcoWash)
Trinidad and Tobago
YB Trinidad & Tobago
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EcoWash is an ecological, water-conservation carwash system that uses only two litres of water to wash a car. Employing dozens of young people, it is the only legal carwash system in Trinidad and Tobago during periods of water restrictions.

“I became an entrepreneur to address the water deficit that has plagued my country, felt largely by persons from rural communities like myself. My business has washed over 45,000 vehicles and has saved over 8 million litres of water in two years. I’ve hired dozens of young people and have seen a lot of them go on to graduate from university while working at EcoWash. Employing youth has allowed us to aid in unemployment alleviation and given us a steady workforce that is energetic in pushing this new system.

This year I plan to establish EcoWash’s Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Initiative. This project is geared towards offering employment opportunities to youth aged 17 to 25 and guarantees a place within the organization to all persons entering adulthood and transitioning out of orphanages and foster care. With this initiative, we can employ hundreds of youths, increasing the availability of the service and reducing people’s carbon footprint throughout the Caribbean and the world.”

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